Wednesday, 5 October 2011

And so it begins..and ends!

And there it was. Summer.

All 4 days of it...all 96 hours..all 5760 sodding English minutes, and now we are scheduled for snow. Brilliant. My wardrobe is equally as schizophrenic as the bloody weatherman! Having barely just finished purchasing an entire new summer collection which is still, may I add, hanging on the rail, out comes the over sized boyfriend jumpers, cable knits and sweats. I have realised how quickly the last few months have passed me by... But here's something to get us back into the swing of things.. This track is on loop in the house/car/office/brain and I absolutely love it. Ladies, welcome back Charlie-sounds-like-hes-smoked-70-a-day-Simpson.

French Forecast tomorrow. 30 degrees.
A rare occasion to be jealous of the French, but that I am.
J'taime Anglais...J'taime Anglais..J'taime Anglais...

A little bit of love..

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Talk to the Hand.

Fabulous randomness I stumbled across in Topshop. Enough said! 

                                                                                                               Topshop, £4

Sunday, 6 February 2011

"In New Music We Trust..."

What a quality first month it’s been in the music industry for new talent! Jamie Woon, James Blake, Jessie J and Fenech Soler are just a few new artists I have been captivated by over the festive and New Year period - despite this being a rather intoxicated season! Since then the hype has been frantically building with what seemed like endless social media plugging and hard sell towards being voted MTVs Brand New for 2011 and the BBCs Sound of 2011, until it reached its climax last week...2 artists have stood out to me from a million miles away and I am so glad the public have acknowledged their work. Long may it last!

If there was a 'VOTE' button on my laptop, it would have long faded by now...but thankfully it paid off for US 'redneck' band MONA who came out top of MTVs Brand New for 2011! Made up of front man Nick Brown, Vince Gard on drums, Zach Lindsey on bass and Jordan Young on guitar, their efforts to gain votes from their online audience certainly paid off -spending weeks at the top of my news feed! These 50's throwbacks are little rock and roll gems and are certainly following suit to their hometown Nashville neighbours, Kings of Leon. Comprising of ringing guitars, primeval drumming, a melodic base and an explosive chorus makes this "romantic rock 'n' roll for city folk" band a must see in 2011. With their unique sound, raw talent and dare i say it, slightly more charisma and stage presence than their predecessors’, these boys have injected a new lease of life back into a fading genre.

There is no doubt I will also be listening out for the latest releases from the southern talent and Sound of 2011 runner up, James Blake - a young electro musician fusing dubstep with commercial pop influences. His voice sends goosebumbs up my arms and the melody sounds like airborne shots of adrenalin nervously building towards a chilling finish. His awesome track 'limit to your love' sounds like a real bedroom production rather than a generic studio record which makes a refreshing change.  

I can't wait to see what else these guys have got in store..

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Tis the season ne sais quoi..?

And so it's begun. The 10 days of summer (literally) flew by and we have already entered into the dreaded limbo between Autumn and Winter. The closing season of the year has undoubtedly always been my favourite in every sense - the blazing fires, red wine, cheese boards, furry throws, the cosy fashions and of course, Elf.... However, there is always the 2 month wardrobe confusion where our brains tell us to; yes, avoid the peep toes, but, no - we're not totally ready to get dressed head to toe in cashmere (we can but dream!)
Now it took me a fair few years to master this question mark of a season, with hoards of cash going on impromptu, impulsive, spontaneous garments (cold + rain = buy a cardie) which ultimately culminated in an eclectic mix mash of clothes which looked more like a charity collection than a capsule one! But I feel I have finally found (and learnt) that the only answer to this lull is simple and back to basics! Layers.

Layers and layers...of, well layers!

I used to think 'layers' was just an excuse for my mother to throw enough clothes on me so I 'dont catch a cold!' - Looking like the Michelin man wasn't my idea of fashion, but there is certainly something in it this time round. Reminded that inspiration can be drawn at all times of the year..Topshop have showcased a stunningly beautiful base collection of  tulle, chiffon, wool, faux fur and knits topped off with beading, crystals and ruffles creating a romantic, mystical and icy statement in what can be a bland and unoriginal stint in the fashion calendar. This gorgeous collection shows us perfectly that we can still mix, match and layer up our wardrobes without having to reinvest. Evening dresses can be toned down by building up the layers with tights, long sleeve tops and over sized knit cardies. Take risks by building up different fabrics: thick and thin, hard and soft - cashmere, silk, chiffon and wool all work perfectly together and teamed with a pair with knee high socks and are set to go in these blustery months!

Key accessory staples include: wool knit tights and knee high socks (the thicker the better)!  
If this collection is called 'Snow Queen' - then open the heavens and let it fall!

Monday, 18 October 2010

Music & Madness

So everyone who knows me knows the 2 loves of my life are unquestionably music and fashion! So I thought why not bring a bit of that love into my blog! And what a band to start with..... Sleigh Bells - Infinity Guitars The raw, stripped back guitar intro has an instantly distinguishable beat which gets the pulse racing as the hazy distorted vocals makes this track an awesome listen and a refreshing change to the current scene, with the likes of Mumford and Sons and Bombay Bicycle Club taking over. Its a bit chaotic with the madness of electric guitars, distortion and insane percussion but all in all executed, well...perfectly! I love it! A track I could only describe as a gritty gem!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Heineken Asks "Are You Still With Us?!"

Heineken's balls of steel have exceeded all marketing expectation and innovation, putting them at the top of the league/table/bar bill/ world...and this football promo deserves some credit!

On the eve of one of the biggest matches in football, Real Madrid vs AC Milan, Heineken decided to stage a fake event at the same time the match was to be played. The event was a mix of classical music infused with poetry and was held in an Italian theatre. To pull off the event, they recruited 200 people to help convince 1000 fans to sacrifice the biggest game of the season and attend the classical event!

This was all part of a campaign which saw men increasingly loosing the ability to watch the sacred football match with friends. Most women will see this in positive light, as the battle for the remote dies out as we win over the right to Gok’s Fashion Fix. But after viewing this campaign, I too have surcome to finding pleasure in the unity and passion our countries have on the pitch and am quickly reminded of the importance of our men...bonding with their balls!

T Mobile guerrilla marketing...Amazing.
Heineken guerrilla marketing...Absofrickinglutely...Ingenious.
Enough said??

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Brits Blossom Early This Season..

The powerful echo of 5 inch heels strutting down the runway at LFW won't be the only sound of a brands success this season. More and more designers are producing collections which have shone and shocked in the public arena. Last season, Burberry proved to the nation that they had finally, and rightfully shaken the stigma that had tarred the brand name for years, by completely dominating the catwalk and glossies with their high fashion, uplifted and revitalised designs. A small dose of this determination and a big pinch of imagination has seen other bull-dog Brits fight for the right to prove their worth...
Henri Lloyd. Est 1963.

The beautifully shot SS10 Collection looks like it has come straight out of a Red, Italian Vogue or Vanity Fair mag and shows classic, sexy tailoring, clean bold colours and statement pieces in keeping with the HL marine identity however maintaining a fashion edge reminiscent of the classic Ralph Lauren, Crew and past Burberry summer collections. A stronger design focus and a clear voice behind the logo has led this under-rated brand back on course.   My seasons highlights...

Us Brits pride ourselves on our heritage. Our historical ruins, our love for English tea, the Queen, the ultimate fry up.. The roots of Henri Lloyd have also remained consistent as they continue to focus on design innovation within the clothing industry. Without change, there is no creativity, nor incentive for improvement. Those who continue to develop will have a better opportunities and this is exactly what Henri Lloyd have done and are consequently reaping the rewards having formed a strong partnership with Brawn F1 - an incredible achievement for a brand who strive to produce major technological and performance advancements in sportswear.

Henri Lloyd are winning back the love from the public just in time for Valentine’s Day, as the the infectious HL voice behind Facebook and Twitter has attracted more fans, followers and celebs through collection teasers, creative and interactive competitions and a friendly rapport which I believe will only continue to help develop them to become a stronger fashion brand - gaining back the recognition they deserve. Ahoy!

Those of you single this Vday....never fear! Here is a little treat HL decided to sneak into the catalogue and all I can say is..thank you! xx 

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Tis the Season to be.......Fabulous Darling!!

The ultimate in British designers, creative’s, supermodels and supernovas all turned out in their finest glad rags to strut their 'thang' last Wednesday at the British Fashion Awards 2009 held at the Royal Courts of Justice. Fortunately with my new job at the British Fashion Council (cough name drop cough!*) I...5"2, Elle F, brought up in the depths of the fields in Shropshire, had in fact acquired a personal invite!!! To work rather than play...but none the less, a total Charlie Bucket moment - being handed my golden ticket to the Fashion Factory!

On my short lunch break, merely hours before the event (along with other errands to all us women have!) I had to find THE dress that was not only suitable for the purposes of the red carpet but one which would help aid any of the gorgeous & eligible men attending the event in deciding that they would in fact happily settle down with a fashion and press assistant! Tough decision! Unfortunately, James Corden was the only man to arrive with his own arm as a date! My life wasn’t to be entirely fulfilled but atleast we would laugh, alot! With my purse screaming for help, as the 13,000 pennies flew out at the counter of French Connection, I finally found it.

 (Source: BFA website)

Thrown completely in at the deep end with clipboard to hand, I quickly found myself in 'The Zone' telling the oversized and definitely outspoken Paparazzi to....pipe down luv! At 7pm sharp, I started to assist the first of the guests down the red carpet. Jerry Hall and daughter Georgia May Jagger (who won supermodel of the year after creating an incredible cover for Vogue in Sept at only 17) were the first to arrive, followed by the likes of Kate Moss, Phillip Green, Eva Herzigova, Daisy Lowe, Erin O'Conner, Christopher Kane, Claudia Schiffer, Henry Holland, Grace Coddington, Joan Burstein, Twiggy, Pixie Geldof Christopher Bailey (who was extremely lovely and humble as he snapped up 2 of the most prestigious awards of the night; Designer of the Year and Designer Brand) and the FaBuLoUs VB Queen herself...looking as per...immaculate and vaguely doll-esq in one of her own designs...even with the insane numbers of screaming fans and Paparazzi, whose camera bulbs were set to explode in overheating with the intensity and repetition of the flashes! Finally, firecracker herself, Dame Vivienne Westwood arrived at half 9 and her infectious and curious aura was instantly felt by all those who surrounded her.

After the beautifully cooked duck, presentation of the awards, press and TV interviews, finally the clock struck 1am and each Cinderella was one-by-one, escorted out of the building by their large, bald, rather unattractive Prince's/Bodyguards as the Pap’s waited in hope/desperation to snap the 'C' List drunkard who was unable to control their Moet intake. Fortunately for us, they never got their shot! (..we snuck them out the back!!! Joke!)

* Moment of the Night: The beautiful Nadja Swarovski (whose prestigious brand sponsored the event) complimented she growled “Beautiful Darrrrrrrrling”! Claim to fame if ever I’ve heard one!

After an extremely long and magical night, crawling into bed for 4am, my only souvenir of the evening was a bit of sparkle dust off the Red Carpet that snuck into the crevice of my shoe. Ironically, I now can’t find one of those shoes which makes me wonder that maybe there is hope for a fashionable fairytale ending for those people the 'wrong' side of the Pap’s camera!